Toyama no Kinsan Cast Summary-Japanese Drama

Toyama no Kinsan Cast Summary-Japanese Drama

Title: 遠山の金さん (とおやまのきんさん)
Title (romaji): Toyama no Kinsan / Toyama no Kin-san
Genre: Chanbara, jidaigeki
Format: Renzoku
Episodes: 364
Broadcast network: TV Asahi
Broadcast period: 1970 to 1996 (see season listing)
Related TV shows:
Na-bugyo Toyama no Kinsan (名奉行 遠山の金さん) (1988-1998) Toyama no Kinsan vs Onna Nezumi (TV Asahi, 1997-1998) Synopsis
Toyama Kinshiro is a samurai-era playboy who loves sake. However, like Mito Komon and Ooka Echizen before him, this is merely a false identity. He is really a magistrate, whose girlfriend works as a spy to find evil deeds and corruption in Edo. Not above ambushing criminals in person, Kinshiros modus operand; normally involves baring his distinctive cherry blossom tattoo, in order to convince wrongdoers that justice has finally found them out. When brought in front of a judge (who invariably turns out to be Kinshiro himself, out of disguise), the criminals are apt to claim that there is no evidence, thereby allowing him to bare his tattoos once more, with the words "Do you not see this blizzard of cherry blossoms" Realizing that the magistrate himself is a witness to their crimes, the criminals resign themselves to their fate, while Kinshiro, or "Kin-san" as he soon became known, gets to say "Ikken rakuchaku" (Another case solved)— Japanese TVs answer to "Book em, Danno." Season Listing
Season 1: 1970-Jul-12 to 1973-Sep-30
Season 2: 1973-Oct-07 to 1974-Sep-22
Season 3: 1974-Sep-29 to 1975-Mar-30
Season 4: 1975-Oct-02 to 1977-Sep-29
Season 5: 1979-Feb-15 to 1979-Oct-18
Season 6: 1982-Apr-08 to 1985-Sep-19
Season 7: 1985-Oct-15 to 1986-Sep-16
Season 8: 1988-Apr-21 to 1988-Oct-24
Season 9: 1989-May-25 to 1989-Nov-30
Season 10: 1990-Jul-05 to 1990-Dec-27
Season 11: 1991-Nov-07 to 1992-Jul-02 (28 eps)
Season 12: 1993-Mar-04 to 1993-Dec-16
Season 13: 1994-Jun-09 to 1995-Jan-19
Season 14: 1995-Sep-07 to 1996-Mar-21
Nakamura Umenosuke (#1)
Mizuhara Maki (#1)
Kogure Michiyo (#1)
Satomi Kotaro (#1)
Ichikawa Danjuro (#2)
Ichikawa Ginnosuke (#2)
Kudo Kentaro (#2)
Tazaka Miyako (#2)
Hashi Yukio (#3)
Yamada Taro (#3)
Sugi Ryotaro (#4, #5)
Kishibe Shiro (#4, #5)
Takahashi Hideki (#6, #7)
Miyao Susumu (#6, #7)
Matsukata Hiroki (#8-#14)
Wakabayashi Go (#8-#14)
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Related Movies
Toyama no Kinsan Hayabusa Bugyo (TOEI, 1957)
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