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Toshiba 32C110U 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV reviews

Published by Hendra Intergyp, Wednesday,March,27 ,2013

Toshiba 32C110U 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV reviews

Reviews By Richard G.

I had already bought the 26" version of this set and was so pleased with the picture quality that I went for the 32". I have satellite TV and the HD image run through these TV's is stunning in it's clarity. If you can, do use the cables from your cable box to connect up, instead of just the standard coax. It's a knock out. Toshiba makes good quality televisions and they kept the price down, with these budget sets. Oh, and if you are like me, and you were agonizing about whether to spend the extra dough, to buy a 1080p TV versus a 720P? The need for the 1080p only comes into play when you get into the 46" screens and beyond. Don't throw your money away thinking that you've got to do that. The clarity of this 32" is perfect. My friend just bought a 46" Sony 1080p for about a thousand bucks. Yup, the picture quality is the same as mine. Speakers: the TV makers pretty much assume that folks are running their sound through their home audio or stereos, as I am, so the cabinet speakers are not deluxe for that reason. It's a non issue. Also, rear port damage is usually caused by overly strained cables (the morons who make the HD cables seem to think 6' is long enough, I use a longer and softer cord for the connections to the back of the TV). Lastly, many thanks to the folks who took the time to review this television on the site here, because it helped me a lot, as usual.

Reviews By T. Clark
Purchased this TV from a big box store nearby after deciding it would be quicker than waiting for a Samsung from Amazon. The TV is for my daughters bedroom. The picture is fine - we have it hooked up to U-Verse via HDMI. But the sound is awful. It's bad enough that I'm debating returning it just for that. It's like it only has tweeters - no midrange or woofers. You have to turn it up really loud to understand dialogue. Because of its use in a bedroom the sound really isn't that critical. I'll give my daughter a week to adjust to the sound. If she's still not happy I'll take it back. It's sad that the Emprex TV it's replacing sounded so much better. Five stars for value, 4 stars for picture, 1 star for sound.

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