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Tom Hanks tribute to Robert Loggia

Published by Cathy CMF , Tuesday,December,08 ,2015

Tom Hanks tribute to Robert Loggia

Tom Hanks tweeted: “Farewell, Robert Loggia. A great actor in heart and soul … A sad day. Hanx​”.

Tom Hanks has paid tribute to Robert Loggia, who died Friday at the age of 85.

The actors both took part in Big’s iconic piano scene, where Hanks’ Josh and Loggia’s toy company owner Mr MacMillan play a giant keyboard with their feet.

Loggia was a well-known character actor, with early roles in films such The Greatest Story Ever Told, Revenge of the Pink Panther and Somebody Up There Likes Me​. He made his name as drug kingpin Frank Lopez in Scarface.

He later achieved an Academy Award nomination as private detective Sam Ransom in 1985’s Jagged Edge.

Loggia also played Feech La Manna​ in The Sopranos, and had a guest role in Malcolm in the Middle.

Elizabeth Perkins, who starred alongside Hanks and Loggia in the film, also paid tribute, as did other celebrities like Seth MacFarlane, Kevin Spacey, and Roland Emmerich. See their messages below.

Farewell, Robert Loggia. A great actor in heart and soul ... A sad day. Hanx
-- Tom Hanks (@tomhanks) December 5, 2015

Rest peacefully kind, gentle, affectionate Robert Loggia. One of the loveliest people I've ever known. ?@tomhankspic.twitter.com/ztxa5Npa5z
-- Elizabeth Perkins (@Elizbethperkins) December 5, 2015

R, as in "Robert Loggia." I, as in "It's Robert Loggia." P, as in "Pardon me, are you Robert Loggia?" RIP to the great Robert Loggia.
-- Seth MacFarlane (@SethMacFarlane) December 5, 2015

Sad to hear Robert Loggia passed. Rarely does someone love this craft as much as he did to give us 6 decades of work #shrink K
-- Kevin Spacey (@KevinSpacey) December 5, 2015

RIP Robert loggia sad to hear
-- John Cusack (@johncusack) December 5, 2015

RIP Robert Loggia. It was an honor to direct him when I was a kid.
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