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Miss Colorado Kristy Althaus Photos,Lose Her Title

Fri, 31 Jan 2014 01:10:56 GMT

Miss Colorado Kristy Althaus Photos,Lose Her Title

Kristy Althaus came second in Colorado's Miss Teen USA competition, but shortly after a porn clip said to be starring the pageant runner-up began to spread, it appears the judges changed their minds.

The teen pageant queen has allegedly been stripped of her title after an adult video of her emerged online.

A video from the pageant shows a smiling Miss Althaus in a plunging red dress holding hands with the 2012 winner Jacqueline Zuccherino as the results are announced.

Miss Colorado Kristy Althaus Photos,Lose Her Title
The 2012 runner-up Kristy Althaus disappeared off the website for Miss Colorado Teen USA, after an adult video emerged (pictured) allegedly starring her

Two years later, a different image is put across, as a clip showing a young woman with a striking resemblance to Kristy Althaus in compromising positions on a bed emerges on an adult entertainment website.

Miss Colorado Kristy Althaus Photos,Lose Her Title

The clip starts with the woman on a bed as a man off-camera asks her how old she is, to which she replies: 'I'm 18,' Gawker reports.

The man asks her: 'And this is definitely your first adult video?'

And the girl replies: 'Yes, it is.'

According to Gawker, the video was filmed just weeks ago and published on January 24.

When Gawker began to inquire into the video, Miss Althaus quickly deleted her Twitter account.

Future Productions, which produces the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA state pageant, removed Miss Althaus' name from the Official Results 2012 page, as well as a video showing the moment when the results are called out during the 2012 pageant.

As of Thursday morning, the entire 2012 results page was removed from the Miss Colorado website.

Last year, Miss Delaware Teen USA 2012, gave up her crown after a porn video produced by the same outfit as the film allegedly portraying Miss Althaus surfaced.

Melissa King was forced to admit that she had recorded the porn video before she won the pageant, after a clip emerged of her stating her name to the camera.

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