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Miley Cyrus new pig named Bubba Sue

Published by Meghan Myers - West, Tuesday,August,12 ,2014

Miley Cyrus new pig named Bubba Sue

Miley Cyrus, 21, introduced the world to Bubba Sue on Sunday night, posting multiple Instagram photos of herself snuggling with the tiny piglet.

In pictures posted on Miley's Instagram account the pig can be seen snuggling with Cyrus and her pet dog in a flat bed on her plane. The photo is captioned "happiest mommy ever".

This little piggy went to Miley. This little piggy flew first class. This little piggy had painted nails. But will this little piggy last?

A close-up shot of the pig, named Bubba Sue, shows that Miley has painted the pig's hoofs with red nail polish.

At the very least Cyrus has taken the time to find out how to care for the pig - thanks to WikiHow.

"Make sure they have access to a wallow to ensure the proper regulation of body temperature, particularly in hot weather because they don't sweat," the pop star posted.

Meet Miley Cyrus new piglet named Bubba Sue.

We are not sure whether Cyrus' pig has access to mud on board a private jet. Hopefully Bubba Sue won't end up like Bieber's monkey.

She’s seen giving the squirming pig a kiss on the lips in another snapshot.

Cyrus’ blended family of animals, which includes her new dog Emu, all seem to be getting along well. Cyrus posted a photo of the three of them snuggling up for a nap.

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