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Mariah Carey tries to pass off photo from 1997 as selfie

Published by AMANDA ASLAM, Tuesday,June,17 ,2014

Mariah Carey Selfie 1997 Picture

Poor Mariah Carey is facing a backlash of LOLs today after apparently trying to pass off a picture from 1997 as a new snap on Twitter.

"Quality time with #dembabies.. so much happiness!!" That's the sweet sentiment Mariah Carey shared along with this cute, albeit baby-free photo in a Twitter post on Friday. And while she did manage to add two pictures of "dembabies" to her Twitter feed, it was this first image that got the Internet buzzing.

Turns out Monroe and Moroccan hadn't been born yet when the photo -- which appeared on a 1997 episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" -- was taken. In fact, dembabies' daddy. Nick Cannon, was still a teenager. Somebody needs to explain the concept of throwback Thursday to the Elusive Chanteuse ...

Mariah Carey Selfie 1997 Picture

Uploading some pictures of her twins on Friday, the 44-year-old also included a snap of herself looking fresh faced and fabulous in a white vest.

She added the caption: "Quality time with #dembabies...so much happiness!"

All was well in celeb world with the usual influx of 'you're, like, so hot' comments appearing beneath her snap, until someone pointed out a minor mishap...

Said blogger took to Tumblr to point out that Mariah had previously shared the exact same picture on Oprah in 1997.
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