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Lupus Myelitis Symptoms

Fri, 20 Dec 2013 11:27:31 GMT

Lupus Myelitis Symptoms

Lupus myelitis generally appears as a sudden onset of lower back pain and muscle weakness. Some patients will experience several abnormal feelings in the toes and fingers that can progressive that can become severe if not treated. One of the symptoms of SLE myelitis is a loss of spinal cord function which can lead to paralysis, urinary retention, or loss of bowel function.

Lupus myelitis is a neurological disorder caused by an inflammation affecting both sides of the spinal cord. These SLE myelitis caused inflammation can damage or destroy the myelin, which is the fatty insulating substance covering nerve cell fibers. This damage is the main cause of scars around the nervous system which are responsible for the lack of communication between the nerves and other body organs.

Although some patients recover from lupus myelitis with minor problems, others suffer permanent impairments that affect their ability to perform ordinary daily tasks. The segment of the spinal cord at which the damage occurs determines which parts of the body are affected. Indeed, damage at one segment of the spinal cord is likely to affect function at that segment and segments below it. For these reasons, lupus myelitis is the most dangerous type of lupus.

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