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Lori Greiner husband and children

Published by Joe Murdoc, Thursday,May,07 ,2015

Lori Greiner husband and children

Daniel Greiner, Lori Greiner’s husband, manages the finances of For Your Ease Only. He was an assistant controller at the former Bell & Howell Co. before he joined his wife in business.

“I thought ‘This is going to be big,'” he said.

The pair, who met at the Lincoln Park bar Kincaid’s, now own two homes, one in Philly near the QVC studio, and another in Chicago, where her products are shipped.

Family is important to her. In fact, she was supposed to join Shark Tank as part of the original cast, but her mother passed away, so she waited to join until Season 3.
Lori Greiner husband and children
She told Chicago Business that her mother did inspire many of the creations and was her biggest fan.

“I miss her. She was my best cheerleader. . . . She watched every single one of my shows,” she said.

Although she doesn’t have children, she still enjoys their company. She said, “…I tell my friends they can leave their babies on my doorstep and I’d be happy to take them in. I love kids!”
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