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Jarvis Landry Catch video

Fri, 23 Nov 2012 20:33:04 GMT
The video, which was posted by The Big Lead, shows what an incredible catch it was. Landry doesn't break stride as he jumps, turns his body and reaches out his right arm for the pass that was not just way behind him but a bit high as well. He gets his hand on the ball, cradles it while turning almost 360 degrees in the air and lands in the end zone without losing possession of the ball for an amazing 22-yard touchdown.

The competition for the best catch of the college football season was decided today, when LSU's Jarvis Landry decided he could make a one-handed catch on a pass thrown about three feet behind him.

Landry was running a post route to the end zone in the first half against Arkansas, and quarterback Zach Mettenberger threw it well behind him. For most receivers the ball would have been too far behind to catch it, but Landry gave it a shot.

There are very few players in college football that could make that catch, but LSU coach Les Miles, when asked by CBS during a halftime interview, said he often sees that type of catch from Landry.

"Every day in practice," Miles told CBS. "And I'm dead serious."

Tigers practices must be incredible.

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