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Immanuel Lee Williams and wife Cara Lee Mugshot

Immanuel Lee Williams, 28, and his wife, Cara Lee, were arrested at their Tampa home by the FBI.
Mon, 11 Nov 2013 16:50:48 GMT

Immanuel Lee Williams and wife Cara Lee Mugshot

The Tampa Tribune reports that FBI agents arrested 28-year-old Immanuel Lee Williams and his wife, Cara Lee, this week at their Tampa home.

The two are accused of robbing 13 banks in Florida and two in Alabama. Authorities say they used disguises and notes to demand money.

According to investigators at the Gulf Shores Police Department, Williams entered the Alabama Credit Union Wednesday afternoon.

Lawmen say he gave a teller a note saying he was armed, however, police say he did not produce a handgun.

The Gulf Shores Police chief issued a press release the next day to say that Williams was in custody after a warrant was issued for his arrest Wednesday afternoon.

Police say Williams was picked up at his home in Tampa by the FBI when he returned home Thursday night.

Immanuel Lee Williams and wife Cara Lee Mugshot

The Gulf Shores Police Department says with the assistance of the Mobile Office of the FBI, Gulf Shores investigators say they arranged for the arrest of Williams when he returned home to Tampa.

Now, Immanuel and Cara Williams are in federal custody accused of robbing thirteen banks in the two adjoining states.

AP reports say the robberies happened almost over a year's time. Federal investigators say the couple also used disguises to commit their alleged crimes.

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