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How long does tdap how long does the flu last in adults

Published by Andreas Asel, Friday,January,02 ,2015

How long does tdap how long does the flu last in adults

Adults with seasonal flu don’t usually vomit or have diarrhea, but children might. Some symptoms can mean your illness is severe. Get immediate medical help if you have any of the following:

Trouble breathing or shortness of breath
Pain or pressure in your chest or belly
Sudden dizziness
Severe vomiting

Seasonal flu follows a fairly predictable pattern, starting in the fall and ending in the spring. A good sign that it’s started is the sudden rise in the number of school-aged children sick at home with flu-like illness. This first outbreak is soon followed by a flu uptick in other age groups, especially adults.


Relief can be found with plenty of rest, drinking fluids and by taking pain relievers and decongestants, according to Merckmanual.com. Sometimes an antiviral medicine like Tamiflu is prescribed, but this type of medicine works best if given at the initial onset of symptoms.

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