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George Foulsham, Everest avalanche survivor

Published by Gill, Monday,April,27 ,2015

George Foulsham, Everest avalanche survivor

George Foulsham, said the latest disaster on Everest felt like a message from the mountain that "it's not meant to be climbed for now".

Like many of the climbers, Mr Foulsham had returned to base camp for a second shot at the summit of the world's highest mountain after last year's climbing season was cancelled for the first time ever.

Speaking at base camp, the 38-year-old marine biologist recounted the moment that he was knocked off his feet by what he called "a 50-storey building of white".

"I ran and it just flattened me. I tried to get up and it flattened me again. I couldn't breathe, I thought I was dead," he said.

"When I finally stood up, I couldn't believe it passed me over and I was almost untouched."

As he and his fellow climbers awaited an airlift off Everest, Mr Foulsham reluctantly conceded that his dream may now never come true.

"I saved for years to climb Everest [but] it feels like the mountain is saying it's not meant to be climbed for now," he said.

"It's too much of a coincidence to see this twice in two years."
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