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Eliot Spitzer's New Girlfriend Lis Smith Photos

Thu, 26 Dec 2013 09:21:18 GMT

Eliot Spitzer's New Girlfriend Lis Smith Photos

Lis Smith and Eliot Spitzer (seen here during his failed campaign for comptroller) made their first outing together on Christmas since news of their affair broke.

Eliot Spitzer has gone through a different tradition this Christmas as he spent the holiday with his new girlfriend's family just one day after announcing that he is getting a divorce.

Disgraced former Governor, 54, spends Christmas with his new girlfriend, 31, and the family the day after he announced his marriage is over.

The disgraced former governor's affair with his press secretary was unveiled Monday after photos showed him following Lis Smith into her SoHo apartment late at night and leaving the next morning on two different dates last week.

Today, the couple was much more willing to be seen together as they arrived at Ms Smith's mother's house in the same SUV on Wednesday for Christmas celebrations in Bronxville.

Looks like Eliot Spitzer is spending Christmas in Bronxville with his new lady
— Johanna Barr (@JohannaBarr) December 25, 2013

Ms Smith, who currently works on incoming mayor Bill de Blasio's press team, has not made any public statements since the news of the affair came out, instead letting her colleagues speak out on her behalf, singing her praises.

On the trip to her mother's house in the suburbs, she let her dress do the talking: even though it was in the high 20s and low 30s, the chill didn't stop the 31-year-old from wearing a form-fitting black and tan sleeveless dress with bare legs and heels, as The New York Daily News showed.

Eliot Spitzer's New Girlfriend Lis Smith Photos
Lis Smith, pictured on Sunday at a media event as part of Bill De Blasio's Transition Team, has been having late-night meet-ups with Eliot Spitzer and today they went to her mother's house in the suburbs

Eliot Spitzer's New Girlfriend Lis Smith Photos
Eliot Spitzer, left, has been seen at the apartment of Lis Smith late at night then leaving before dawn last week. She worked as Spitzer's campaign spokeswoman during his failed bid for New York City Comptroller

Eliot Spitzer's New Girlfriend Lis Smith Photos
Smith, left, worked on Spitzer's campaign and then jumped over to work for Bill De Blasio after Spitzer lost in the primary. Silda Spitzer, right, was not seen on the campaign trail for her husband.

She wore large sunglasses and avoided any contact with the huddled collection of paparazzi outside of the house, but her new boyfriend took a much more relaxed approach to the issue.

The 54-year-old former governor wore khaki slacks and a navy sweater, and though he didn't say anything to the photographers, he gave them a quick wave before carrying presents into the home.

Rumors have long circulated that the Spitzers were no longer a happy couple but they waited until Christmas Eve to formally announce that they were ending their marriage.

'We regret that our marital relationship has come to an end and we have agreed not to make any other public statement on this subject,' Spitzer family spokeswoman Lisa Linden said in a terse statement released on Tuesday night.

It is unclear whether the couple is already divorced or whether they are planning to divorce. Ms Linden would not elaborate on the statement.

Multiple reports indicate that the Spitzers have been living apart for some time. Mrs Spitzer was also noticeably absent from the campaign trail this past year.

Miss Smith joined De Blasio after Spitzer lost in the September primary. She has also served as the spokeswoman for the Mayor-elect during his transition.

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