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Dan Bilzerian girlfriend photos

Published:Thursday,December,11 ,2014

Dan Bilzerian girlfriend photos

Dan Bilzerian with his girlfriends show his wild life that seems to consist of heavy partying.

Dan Bilzerian, 33, is making a name for himself as a millionaire playboy. The actor and poker champ appears to live his life in excess in every possible way.

On Wednesday, the man posted a photo of himself as he looks to be in an empty spa. He wears a gray shirt and tan pants as three girls are around him, all of them topless.
Dan Bilzerian girlfriend photos
Los Angeles-based Dan Bilzerian describes himself as an 'actor/astronaut/a**hole' to his more than 100,000 Instagram followers who appear to live vicariously through the beefy, bearded 32-year-old, regularly begging in comments to trade his lavish life for theirs.
Dan Bilzerian girlfriend photos
Bilzerian is reportedly worth $100 million, making the bulk of his cash as a high-stakes gambler having developed his skills as a student at the University of South Florida. However, his risky lifestyle has resulted in some serious repercussions, including a double heart attack and a pulmonary embolism, according to the Daily Dot.
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